Crystal Healing Layouts

Basic, Recharge Body Energy, or Life Force
This layout performs deep healing for the physical and energetic
body and recharges the body’s energy when feeling depleted.
Basic 2, Close to Nature
This layout heals deeply both the body and the aura and then
resets your connection to nature’s energy.
Boost Immunity and Digestion – Prevent Cold, Lung Clearing, and Stomach
Great for prevention and also to assist when recovering from a
cold, flu or digestive issues.
Improve Communication – Strengthen Heart, Open Throat and Heart, Spiral Throat and Thymus Clearing
This is very good for opening up speech, singing, breathing. It is
beneficial for emotional clearing and releasing breathing.
Spiritual Growth – Aura Clearing and Spiritual Strength or Chakra Chord
This layout clears the aura, helps heal stress and connect with
your higher self for a unique sensation of oneness and peace.
Stress Relief – Stressed and Burned Out and Deep Relax
This layout helps reset your entire system, dumping energies
that you don’t have use for, revitalizing your life force and
helping you connect with inner peace to feel refreshed and
deeply relaxed.
Relieve Back Pain – Kidney, Back and Spine, Balance Solar Plexus
These layouts combine to help combat back ache, pain and
energetic imbalance. It also boosts your confidence, trust in your self and self esteem. 
Heart – Back of Heart, Throat and Heart and Strengthen Heart
This layout increases your feelings of self worth and self love,
emotionally healing your heart and helping you to attract more
love and kindness into your life.

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