Welcome to Inner Balance Therapeutic Massage.  The goal of my work is to assist my clients in reaching their wellness and fitness goals through regularly receiving therapeutic massage to achieve balance.  Balance is defined as harmony in the parts of a whole and the ability to maintain equilibrium.  An imbalance within the body creates stress which can lead to dysfunction and pain.  When your body is in balance, you are pain free, your performance is enhanced and you have the energy to accomplish all your goals. When your mind is in balance, your focus is better and you are more productive.  When your spirit is in balance you feel connected to your friends and family and you are confident that you are on the right path to being the best YOU there is.  I invite you to stop in for a visit to discuss how I can help you find your….Inner Balance.

For TMJ For Pregnancy  For Headaches
Release the muscles of mastication (chewing) to reduce TMJ pain.

Decrease head and neck aches.

Address swelling, low back pain and other common pregnancy ailments.

Combat fatigue and
sore feet

Get emotional support for Mom and baby.


Increase blood flow to head, neck and brain.

Reduce frequency and severity of headaches.


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